>Suzhou ChungHwa Yuming

Suzhou ChungHwa Yuming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded on Oct. 8th, 2014 and passed GMP in 2015. The company consists of sales, warehouse, quality, financial and administration Dept. with 25 people.

Business mode: wholesaling; Business range: Chinese patent medicine, chemicals, API, cephalosporin API, cephalosporins, biochemicals, biologicals excluding vaccines.

The organization of management and quality is compatible with its regulations and business scale. The key post personnel set meets the Drug Operation Quality Management Rules.

In future, drugs for geriatrics chronic disease like osteoporosis, neuropsychic is the new target for SCCPC as agent products. SCCPC sells not only its own products, but also domestic famous products from other manufacturers. Based on mother company Taiwan CCPC's operation history for 60 years and the international platform, SCCPC also imports products from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, USA and Europe for Chinese domestic market.