2013 YEAR
  • Apr. 2013 YaAn Earthquake
    An earthquake measuring 7.0 hit YaAn county in SiChuan province on Apr. 20th ,2013. SCCPC contacted Suzhou government the first time after getting the news and donated antibiotic drugs worth 200,000 RMB. SCCPC’s drugs arrived YaAn on Apr. 22nd by tailored car from Red Cross to help people in the stricken area.
2008 YEAR
  • May 2008 WenChuan Earthquake An earthquake measuring 8 hit WenChuan county(N 31, E103.4) in SiChuan province at 14:28 on May 12th. SCCPC president Mr. Wang Xunhui contacted Taiwan Affairs Office in Suzhou first time after getting the news and offered donation. Production Dept. worked overtime to meet the demand for donating drugs. SCCPC donated antibiotic drugs worth 1 million RMB to stricken areas through Suzhou Red Cross.
2006 YEAR
  • June 2006 Qingyuan Flood SCCPC donated drugs worth 200,000 RMB to stricken areas in Qingyuan County in Guangdong province in June 2006.
2003 YEAR
  • SARS 2003 SCCPC donated alcohol hand sanitizer worth 492,000 RMB to Suzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing in 2003 to make contribution to prevent SARS.
1999 YEAR
  • To save PKU kids and donate research activity in 1993 SCCPC offered serotonin to China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing on Oct. 13th, 1999 during the “Save PKU kids” activity.
    PKU is short for phenylketonuria, which is an inborn error of metabolism preventing brain development of kids and causing irreversible brain damage.
    China-Japan Friendship Hospital was in short of serotonin in May 1999 and asked help from SCCPC. Taiwan CCPC was the only manufacturer for this drug in the world at that time. Knowing that, Taiwan CCPC manufactured serotonin in shortest time based on very small ordering quantity and SCCPC president Mr. Wang Xunhui decided to send these high cost medicines for free after knowing the poor family conditions of those kids.
1998 YEAR
  • Fight floods and provide relief in 1998 SCCPC donated antibiotics worth 1.56 million RMB to flood stricken areas in 1998.